The advantages and disadvantages for using Interfoods’ products are wide and varied. You can read more about them to understand why it is easy to choose us.


 - One of the main advantages is that our products are made from real fruit, not with chemicals or with substitutes or reconstructed fruit. This allows them to retain most of the characteristics of the fruit itself, with its inherent advantages and disadvantages. By consuming our products, you are consuming highly natural foods.

- One of our very important advantages is that Interfoods is 100% committed to developing and creating natural products (which are good for you), that have a low impact on the environment, and that are in harmony with life. Even though ours is a long term project, and we have not achieved all of our goals just yet, we have taken huge steps towards them. Our only problem is we have to use a small percentage of preservatives in our products, but soon we will be able to produce them with absolutely no preservatives.

- The ease of using and handling our products is one of our great advantages. Their design is focused on making our customer’s lives easier. Our fruit pulps are ready to be used, have a shelf life of one year, and the pouch bag comes with a spout that makes it practical to use just the amount you need, put the package in the fridge, and use it again later. Another of the advantages is that Interfoods’ fruit pulps are available all year long, even if some fruits (like tamarind) are only harvested during a specific season.

- Our fruit pulps can be given a wide range of uses. You can mix beverages, such as fruit water (aguas frescas), hot tea and cocktails (with examples like the Tamarind Margarita, a Guava Colada or a Blackberry Martini). You can use them for making sauces or as a dressing for gourmet dishes. You can use them as filling for cakes and pastries or as an ingredient for making candies. We learn new uses for our fruit pulps every day, thanks to our clients, and this is one of your greatest advantages.

- Taste. Our fruit pulps have been designed and developed to maintain their natural fruit taste, making it easy for anyone to enjoy the pulp all by itself, straight from the package. Their natural taste, ease of use and their innovative packaging make it so our fruit pulps has several advantages over the competition’s products.

- Lower ecological footprint. The packages that we use are highly recyclable, and they use less space when empty since they can just be rolled up. While this isn’t the perfect solution to the environmental issues at hand, it does make a difference when compared to the damage done by other bottled beverages or fruit concentrates. As far as advantages go, this one is pretty big. While it is an improvement, we are not completely satisfied about it, which is why we are always looking for improvements we can make to lower our ecological footprint.

- Innovation. Our company is fully committed towards constantly innovating by bringing new and improved products to market, by how said products can benefit the health of our consumers, as well as by how we can improve our packaging and shipping methods to lower our ecological footprint.


 - One of the main disadvantages we face is the growth and development phase we are currently experiencing. We have many ideas on how to improve, about what needs to improve, but we can’t apply them all at the same time. We must first perfect what we have, in order to continue to grow so we can do better by our consumers, and by ourselves. We will soon get rid of this and other disadvantages, and it is one of our main goals.

- To this day, we haven’t been able to eliminate the use of preservatives in our products, due to how natural our products are, and we have to protect the health of our customers. Even if the relative percentage of preservatives present is below the minimum amount permitted by law, we are currently working every day in order to find a way to get rid of this and all other disadvantages.