One of the main benefits of tamarind is its high content of Vitamin C. It is actually one of the fruits with the highest content of Vitamin C (even though most people first picture oranges when thinking about Vitamin C).Another of the benefits of tamarind is its high concentration of antioxidants (thanks to tartaric acid).

When reviewing all the benefits of tamarind, we do have to remember it is not always about “what vitamins can I get from consuming tamarind?” because one of the benefits from this exotic fruit has nothing to do with that. Have you ever had a problem with the speed at which your digestive system works? One or two tablespoons of tamarind pulp can speed up the process since it can act as a very mild, and natural, laxative. Bet you didn’t know about that!

There are many more benefits waiting for those that consume this delicious fruit. You can try Interfoodstamarind pulp since that way you don’t have to prepare your own pulp from scratch!