The scientific name for the blackberry is Rubus Ulmifolios, and the fruit is indigenous to Asia and America. There are over 2000 different types of Blackberries since it is easy to hybridize the fruit. The blackberry has many properties and uses due to its quality.

Among the health related properties of the blackberry, we find that it has a high content of Vitamin C, as well as of antioxidants, which are great at improving our health. All of these properties are also present in blackberry pulp, which makes it easier to consume all year long.

It is usually harvested in Jalisco, Mexico, due to the great weather. Since it is a wild fruit, it can easily grow in the mountain ranges that surround Jalisco. We aim to please, which is why Interfoods has included blackberry pulp to our product range.

Blackberry pulp has many uses, and it is easy to prepare a wide variety of beverages and dishes, such as blackberry fruit water (aguas frescas), smoothies, cocktails (a blackberry martini is always great after a long day), and gourmet dishes, with this product. Blackberry pulp can also be sued for preparing desserts since it is easy to mix it for cakes or cookies.

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