Blackberry Pulp

The blackberry is a wild fruit that is part of the berry family, of dark and intense purple hues, but with a nice taste that is bittersweet until the end. Interfoods’ blackberry pulp is made from local ripe regional fruits, selected for this specific purpose, in order to obtain a product of the highest quality. This is why our blackberry pulp has a texture and taste that is like no other blackberry pulp in the market.

Our blackberry pulp can be used to create many beverages and dishes, such as blackberry water (aguas frescas), blackberry smoothies, blackberry pie and frozen pops, or maybe you can use it on top of cookies or cakes.

The blackberry plant itself is a thorny bush, like the one from which strawberries grow, and the fruit has a very distinct smell that makes it completely irresistible. This fruit is known for being a great source of dietary fiber, folic acid, and Vitamin C, as well as for being an excellent antioxidant and of omega-3. Interfoods knows this, and we have decided to bring you a blackberry pulp made from natural fruits, a delicious product that retains all the wonderful properties of the fruit itself.

Our delicious blackberry pulp is available in 0.55 Lbs and1.1Lbs packages. You can prepare exotic cocktails, martinis and many more exquisite beverages and dishes that are easy to make. You can even visit Interfoods’ recipes section to make the most of our blackberry pulp!

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