The main reason why Interfoods fruit pulps are so popular for mixing drinks and cocktails is because they are made with real fruit, marking a huge difference over other mixes for cocktails available in the market. The texture, consistency and taste of cocktails prepared with our fruit pulps, as well as all the nutritious and healthy benefits, are beyond anything available on similar products for cocktails.

Our product range allows you to start mixing drinks in no time, creating interesting fruit based cocktails in a couple of minutes. Cocktails are usually referred to as spirits, and they have become all the rage in the international market. The Margarita or the Martini, prepared mainly with Tequila and Vodka, respectively, are the standouts among them. Add our pulps to the equation, and you’ll be mixing drinks and cocktails for all your friends like a pro!

Cocktails are always an interesting proposition because, in the end, it all comes down to the choices made by the barman or bartender when he is mixing drinks, for all to enjoy. Our fruit pulps are only one part of the winning formula for making the best cocktails possible, but the perfect touch of a bartender, as well as the extra (secret ingredients) he decides to use, can definitely make the difference when comparing two cocktails that have been created by the book, with the same basic ingredients.

If you want to start mixing drinks, then you must know about the fundamental ingredients required for preparing cocktails. Alcohol is a must, and this usually includes the big three – tequila, vodka or rum. Then, you must consider the liqueur -which could very well be orange liqueur, triple sec (a neutral liqueur), or vermouth- fruit pulps, water, and ice. These are the basic ingredients you need, and they open up the doors to a wide range of cocktails you can try your hand at. If we add some extra ingredients to this list, evaporated milk or coconut milk come to mind, we can mix a Guava Colada, a very exotic take on one of the “cocktails classics”! Or maybe we can add a touch of lemon and salt to make our way towards preparing a great mango margarita, served in a glass with a sea salt rim on top. The more extra ingredients we have at our disposal, the more cocktails we can make!

There really isn’t a limit to what you can create because, as long as you have quality ingredients you will be mixing drinks that far surpass anything you can find during one of your visits to your local bar. Interfoods’ fruit pulps are your best choice when you want to add that delicious natural fruit touch to your cocktails. Our pulps are practical, easy to use and affordable.

You can find recipes for mixing lots of cocktails and beverages, by clicking on the following:

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