Corporate Values, Mission and Vision


We are committed to continuously develop innovative products that provide the market with the option to acquire natural products based on real fruits without additives, flavorings, dyes, emulsifiers and without any nutritional makeup. Our goal is to bring families, processed fruits, in the most naturally possible form, on a practical and accessible way.  The process of development and production of our fruit pulps, meets the highest standards in food quality and hygiene, ensuring that both the manufacturing and packing process are performed following the best practices for the manufacture of food products. This consolidates Interfoods as one of the leader suppliers of fruit pulps in the international market.


We work continuously on the development of new products, that cover the principles and values of Interfoods, always bringing natural, healthy and non commonly available foods to the market, as well as developing packages that allow us to minimize the use of preservatives in our food products, while maximizing their shelf life and improving the practicality in its handling and everyday use.

Corporate Values:

CONSTRUCTIVE SPIRIT. The “constructive spirit” makes reference to the positive attitude, the optimism, the base that determines our common sense as a company. The base that increases the value added that we offer to our customers. This is the fuel that feeds the creativity and good faith that must prevail in the intention and in the action of those who work at XXX.

LOYALTY. We understand that every customer that gives us their business, cooperate to our growth and development. As such, we are thankful to our customers for their trust and their good will in our company. We will always be grateful and loyal to our customers for that.

PROFESSIONALISM, We understand that problems and unexpected situations will arise from time to time. We work hard to develop every day a strong professionalism in all our team members in order to be prepared to handle and resolve all these problems in an efficient and professional way. We will always help our customers and try to resolve any problem or any situation in the best interest of our customers. We try to develop and improve our attitude every day. We value being objective, straight and clear minded.

HONESTY, We are proud of our company as an honest company. We are openly against any type of unethical behavior, bravery or any type of dishonest development. We value truth, ethic behavior, transparency and legality. These are the fundamental bases of any healthy business relationship.