Frequently Asked Questions –FAQ

1) How can Interfoods’ fruit pulps make my life easier?

Nowadays, if you want to prepare beverages, sauces, candies, desserts, or any dish that uses fruits, you must complete a long and arduous process. Let’s take tamarind as an example. You would first need to peel the tamarind, removing the pod and seeds, so you can boil it in water, to later ground and strain the mix, so you can finally have the fruit pulps you need. We are talking about spending at least one hour on this, and you could skip all of that by purchasing one of our fruit pulps. You just open the innovative package that Interfoods uses for all fruit pulps, pour the amount you need, and seal it away, opening up the door to many dishes, desserts and beverages that your family and friends are sure to enjoy. Fruit pulps will make your life easier!

2) What are the main characteristics and benefits of your products?

Our products are ready to be used, are made with natural fruit, and have a shelf life of one year. Our fruit pulps, extracts, and jams are very important ingredients that can make it easier to make fruit water (aguas frescas), a tamarind martini, or gourmet sauces for your dishes (thanks to our fruit pulps, habanero pepper sauce can make your dishes shine like never before). You are only limited by your imagination!

3) Are your products FDA approved? Are they available in the US?

Interfoods’ fruit pulps, extracts, and jams are currently available as legally imported goods in the United States, in stock at Laredo, TX, and abide by all FDA regulations. We must say that, from all of our products, tamarind has been the standout. Since the standards and quality assurance protocols of most manufacturers are not high enough, they can’t export it to the US, and this gives us an important edge in the market because we produce it in Mexico and can export our fruit pulps to the United States.

4) Why should I buy Interfoods’ products?

Our products don’t directly compete with other products, because we offer something unique and different. Our fruit pulps do not compete with the concentrates or syrups that are normally used to make fruit water (aguas frescas), because our fruit pulps are made from natural fruit. Our customers are people who like to cook and usually make everything from scratch, but that, nowadays, can’t find the time to do it. They like to make fruit water (aguas frescas) without using concentrates, because their taste is artificial. By offering our fruit pulps made from natural fruit, we guarantee getting their attention since they would not have thought about buying something like this before, because a product similar to our fruit pulps does not exist on the market.

Our fruit pulps don’t compete with fruit because people that like to use the fruits themselves will continue to do so and, since it’s such small and niche demographic, there is no risk of us cannibalizing their sales nor for them to make people stop buying our fruit pulps. Our products are targeted at the modern house wife with a busy life, who is looking for the ideal mix between natural fruits and practical uses. Since said demographic can only choose between an artificial concentrate or using the real fruit and spending hours processing them, we find ourselves in front of an untapped market. This is the market towards which our fruit pulps, extracts, and jams are being marketed.

5) Which demographic do you target with your products?

We target the modern house wife who is searching for a natural, but practical, product. They like to make fruit water (aguas frescas), usually jamaica water because it is easier to make from scratch than tamarind water. We can target her with our tamarind pulp, with our jamaica extract (hibiscus), or with the rest of our fruit pulps, because they offer something she needs - an easy and quick way of preparing fruit water on a daily basis that has a rich taste and all the benefits of natural fruit. She can use our fruit pulps to make hot and cold beverages, spirits, desserts and gourmet dishes, or she can just eat Interfoods’ fruit pulps straight from the package!

6) What are the main characteristics of your products?

We offer fruit pulps, extracts and jams made from real fruit (Tamarind, Blackberry, Guava, Mango and Passion Fruit pulps, Jamaica [hibiscus]extract, and Strawberry Jam, Blackberry Jam, as well as Habanero Pepper Puree and Jalapeño Pepper Puree)that are ready to use, made from natural fruit pulps, and have an excellent taste. You can use them to prepare a wide range of beverages, spirits, desserts, gourmet dishes, etc. Our fruit pulps, extracts and jams will not disappoint!

7) Why are Interfoods’ products better?

Interfoods’ provides consumers with innovative products (fruit pulps, extracts and jams) of high quality that are easy to use, and cover a specific need of the market, at an affordable price. Take, for example, our Tamarind Pulp. Tamarind is a big part of the Hispanic, Hindu and Mediterranean markets, but it is considered as a specialty product due to how long it takes to process the Tamarind. With our fruit pulps, we have turned Tamarind into a practical product that can be used to create a wide range of foods and beverages. And the same applies to the rest of our products. Interfoods makes products of the highest quality that target specific markets, at an affordable cost.

8) Planogram - Where can I find your fruit pulps, extracts and jams?

You can definitely find our fruit pulps, extracts, and jams in the fruits and vegetables section. You might also find our fruit pulps in the wines and spirits section, to be used as ingredients when mixing margaritas, daiquiris and martinis. You can also find them in the jams section. And, finally, you will definitely find them in the beverages section because our fruit pulps can easily be used to mix fruit water.