Flavored Water

If you have a craving for fruit water (aguas frescas) or for any other of the fruit beverages you have in mind, then Interfoods’ fruit pulps are what you need. They are made from natural fruit, without any additives, artificial colors or flavors. Our products contain pulp straight from the fruit, and we only add a bit of sugar or agave honey (depending on the product), and a relatively small percentage of conservatives (smaller than the allowed minimum), so our products can have a shelf life of one year. Our products are not created from a conventional thermal process that would destroy most nutrients and the taste of the fruit itself, and that translates to the fruit beverages (such as fruit water – also known as aguas frescas) you prepare.

Our pulps can easily be used to prepare fruit beverages. Cold or hot fruit beverages are a must, and our customers usually like to prepare fruit water (aguas frescas). They also make cocktails and alcoholic and non-alcoholic (spirits) drinks to unwind after a long day.

Making fruit water (aguas frescas) from our pulps is easy, and you can also use them for cooking, as a dessert over cookies or cakes, or straight from the package. We constantly innovate by developing natural products to make your life easier, and our pulps are ideal for quickly preparing fruit water and other fruit beverages for your family.

How to make fruit water (aguas frescas) with our delicious pulps

The most popular cold fruit beverage you can prepare is fruit water (aguas frescas), which can be made by simply adding room temperature or cold water, a reasonable quantity of one of our fruit pulps, some sugar (depends on your taste), and ice. After adding the ice, mix vigorously, and you’ve got yourself a sample of the famous Mexican Aguas frescas (fruit water)!

There are several fruit beverages you can enjoy thanks to our products. You can easily make tea from our pulps by boiling them in water, and then serving either hot or cold. The Mexican version of a smoothie can be made by mixing our pulps with ice and lightly crushing the mix in a blender. This fruit beverage is different from smoothies because the ice is not pureed. Instead, it looks as if it has been shaved from a chunk of ice, which is why this fruit beverage is called a “raspado” (shaved ice).

Some examples of the fruit beverages you can make with our products are:  tamarind fruit water (aguas frescas), passion fruit margaritas, mango fruit water, blackberry smoothies, guava fruit water, mango martinis, blackberry fruit water, blackberry nectar, tamarind smoothie, guava colada and passion fruit water, to name a few. With so many fruit water variants and fruit beverages to choose from, where will you start?

Interfoods’ fruit pulps allow you to enjoy fruit beverages in a practical and simple way that won’t hurt your wallet. The wide range of fruit water and other cold or hot beverages, you can create has no limits, since you will have access to tropical and exotic fruit all year long!

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