Foods | Health, Nutrition, Diet

Interfoods’ main goal is to provide healthy, nutritious and delicious foods made from natural and nutrient high ingredients, without additives, artificial colors, flavors, emulsifiers or stabilizers. We are aware that health starts from having a healthy diet based on nutritious and wholesome foods. Keeping nutrition in mind should be the main goal on our day to day. Foods are the foundations on which our body is built, and wholesome foods can only help us be healthy, full of vigor and energy, without a disease in sight thanks to a strong immune system.

Interfoods’ medium and long term projects are to develop functional foods that are delicious, and that are sweetened with completely natural sweeteners, such as agave honey, which is part of the low glycemic index foods, thus allowing people with a special diet or diabetes to enjoy sweet foods with nutrition oriented ingredients that are great for your health. An example of this is chia, an excellent source of omega 3 and DHA, which are great for our body tissues, or fruits that have a high level of antioxidants as is the case with grapes and cranberries. We should also include juices, another healthy product, in our diet (and reed juice is a great example), in order to make our daily diet a healthy diet with foods that are good for our family.

Nutrition and health are not the first two things that pop into consumers heads when they look for foods for the diet of their family. Nevertheless, we are currently in the development phase for our line of organic, nutritious and healthy food, and we will soon be very happy to offer Interfoods’ clients several new products in our natural and healthy products line. The nourishment your family will receive thanks to wholesome and delicious foods will soon be a reality!