Fruit Pulps

At Interfoods, our main products are fruit pulps which we obtain by using mechanical and thermal techniques: the fruits go through an extraction, evaporation and pasteurization process, and we then place the product inside properly sanitized packages. This whole process allows us to obtain fruit pulps which have a longer shelf life.

Our goal is to provide our consumers with products made from natural fruits, which have been processed as little as possible, in a practical and convenient package. Interfoods’ fruit pulps are used for preparing beverages, naturally flavored water (aguas frescas), gourmet dishes, smoothies, cocktails, sweets, desserts, and sauces, among other uses. If you want to add fruits to your meal, then we have the right product for you!

The fruit pulps we produce can make your life easier. Thanks to our fruit pulps you will have access to fruit all year long, no matter the season! Our products are easy to store, practical, affordable, and have a great taste. Our fruit pulps are ready to use as soon as you open the package, allowing you to instantly mix and match them until you find the exact flavor you need. Natural fruits are healthy, and so are our fruit pulps!

When we create our fruit pulps, no additives, artificial colors, flavors or emulsifiers are used during the process. When we say that we help you bring healthy and natural fruit pulps to your table, we truly mean it. All the rich flavor and nutrients from all fruits we use are right there in the fruit pulps we have available for you and your family. We make sure that the natural fruits used during the production and processing are of the highest quality, thus obtaining fruit pulps that are as good as taking a bite straight from natural fruits!

We aim to please, and Interfoods has made available the following exquisite flavors so you can enjoy our fruit pulps all year long:





Jamaica (hibiscus)

Passion Fruit

We make sure that the process from which we obtain our fruit pulps, from all natural fruits, is up to the highest standards, both for quality as well as for hygiene. By applying best practices when manufacturing our food products, Interfoods has consolidated itself as one of the leaders in the international market for exporting quality fruit pulps at affordable prices.

We are always looking for new ways to innovate, and our fruit pulps are definitely part of that vision. You can rest assured that our fruit pulps have gone through a rigorous screening process, which is why Interfoods is proud to bring this product to market.

We recommend that you visit Interfoods’ recipes section where you will find step by step guides for making refreshing beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic suggestions), delicious desserts, and many other dishes, thanks to Interfoods’ fruit pulps and the amazing flavor and freshness that fruits provide.

Soon you will realize how easy it is to please those you love, thanks to the fruit pulps made from all natural fruits that Interfoods has for you!