Guava is a tropical fruit, very common in the western part of Mexico, with a soft texture and a yellow or an orange color depending on its type. There is a wide variety of guava fruits, from the sweet, to the semi-acid to the acid ones, all with an exotic taste that will grab your attention.

Guava grows from a lush evergreen tree that is quite beautiful and marvelous, and it typically grows near the city of Guadalajara. It can grow as high as 50 feet tall, and its trunk develops a wide set of brown, dark brown and pink hues all over its surface.

It contains vitamins, which makes guava pulp a very healthy product, which is why we have create a guava pulp to make the most of this nutritious fruit. Interfoods’ guava pulp has been created with the perfect touch, thus allowing us to maximize the unique and original taste of guava while, at the same time, allowing all the benefits from the fruit to be transferred to our guava pulp for all our customers to enjoy.

This is all great news since, thanks to Interfoods’ guava pulp, anyone can enjoy its great taste and properties when indulging on a beverage or a dish prepared with this great fruit. You can visit our recipes section to learn more about all the uses for guava pulp!

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