Guava Pulp

Guava is a tropical fruit of a soft texture and great taste, which can have either a yellow or an orange color depending on its type. Interfoods’ guava pulp has been made with the perfect touch, allowing us to maximize the unique and original taste of this exotic fruit. Guava pulp can be used to prepare cocktails, such as the guava colada, or maybe to mix a guava daiquiri or a guava Martini. It can also be the main ingredient for smoothies, for guava gourmet sauce, or even for delicious desserts such as a guava cake. As you can see, our guava pulp has many practical uses, as well as a natural and unique taste.

Among the properties of the guava fruit, we can find that it provides a high level of vitamin C, which makes people compare its nutritious value to that of oranges (the fruit everyone associates with vitamin C), and it is an excellent source for vitamin A, minerals and folic acid. It is also ideal for those diets that put special focus on low calories, low fat and low protein food, which makes our guava pulp a great way of introducing this fruit to your daily diet.

With our guava pulp, available either in 0.55 Lbs or 1.1 Lbs packages, you can easily create cocktails, guava water (aguas frescas), and many more easy to make recipes. Be sure to visit Interfoods’ recipes section to find great uses for our guava pulp!

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