Habanero Pepper, whose scientific name is Capsicum Chinense, is known as one of the spiciest hot peppers in the world. While most people think it originates from Mexico, it actually comes from South America, near the Amazon. Habanero pepper is used in many dishes as a condiment, and it can be consumed as is or grilled.

Its peculiar taste comes from the high concentration of a substance called capsaicin. Therefore, habanero pepper puree has high concentrations of capsaicin, which is the main promoter of the hot spiciness in peppers.

In Mexico, the main producer of habanero pepper is the state of Yucatan, but we can also find it in Veracruz, San Luis Potosi, Tabasco, Chiapas and Sonora. We can discover it in many varieties, such as the Green Habanero Pepper, the Red Habanero Pepper, and the Orange Habanero Pepper, with a unique taste that will leave you breathless.

Interfoodshabanero pepper puree, available in 0.55 Lbs and 1.1 Lbs packages, has many uses: you can add it to spice up gourmet dishes, to prepare a sweet and spicy dessert, or as a dressing for your meals. Interfoods presents to you three different purees to enjoy: green habanero pepper puree, red habanero pepper puree and orange habanero pepper puree, made with as little preservatives as possible, and all with the same properties as the natural habanero pepper itself.

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