The jalapeño pepper is part of the solanaceae family, and it is known to be the most famous pepper in the world, as well as the better tasting one. An advantage of the jalapeño pepper is that it isn’t as spicy as all other peppers, which makes it easier to use with your everyday meals, since the spiciness is located in the jalapeño’s seeds and veins.

Interfoods’ Jalapeño Pepper Puree is as spicy as the whole pepper itself, and it also provides us with Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

We can’t deny that the jalapeño pepper is an integral part of Mexican culture, since it is widely available everywhere and it is eaten by the fistful by most Mexican families. This is why we have decided to bring our jalapeño pepper puree to other markets, so everyone can enjoy its distinctive taste in an affordable and easy to use package.

Interfoodsjalapeño pepper puree is readily available in 0.55 Lbs and 1.1 Lbs packages, and has many uses: you can add it to spice up your dishes, to prepare a spicy sauce on the side, or even as a salad dressing.

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