Jamaica Extract | Water, Extract, Jamaica Flower

Interfoods’ jamaica extract is very beneficial for our body because Jamaica (hibiscus) can help prevent heart disease and cancer, thanks to the high content of antioxidants that are naturally present in this plant. It has also been proven that drinking one glass of jamaica water after every meal can help you lose weight, thanks to the fact that the jamaica flower also provides our body with a catalyst that helps stop the production of amylase. You can easily drink one glass of naturally flavored jamaica water every day thanks to our jamaica extract.

In South America, jamaica extract (hibiscus) is used to prepare water given as a supplement to treat colds and infections due to its high content of Vitamin C, which is great for making our immune system become stronger. This is a great use for this plant, and Interfoods’ jamaica extract (hibiscus) is the easiest way to help you be healthier. And for those that like to enjoy a drink or two, we would like to tell you about another use for jamaica water: you can use our Jamaica extract (hibiscus) to prevent hangovers (after a night of partying), since jamaica helps our body absorb alcohol more slowly.

Interfoods’ jamaica extract(hibiscus) is easy to use, and is available in practical 0.55 Lbs and 1.1 Lbs packages, which help you save time and money when making cocktails, jamaica water (aguas frescas), and several simple recipes to please your taste buds. By using our jamaica extract, you will be able to introduce the unique flavor of hibiscus to your meals, while enjoying the healthy benefits it will bring to your body.