Passion Fruit Pulp (Maracuya)| Water, Pulp, Juice, Fruit, Candy

Just like Interfoods’ Jamaica extract (hibiscus) and mango pulp, passion fruit pulp (maracuya) contains antioxidants that help prevent heart diseases and cancer. It is also known that passion fruit pulp (maracuya) is consumed in order to relax, thus making easier to sleep properly. It can also help soothe stomachaches, making passion fruit pulp a very versatile product.

Our passion fruit pulp (maracuya) is readily available in convenient 0.55 Lbs and 1.1 Lbs packages, and you can use them to instantly prepare cocktails (perhaps a passion fruit margarita?), or to make passion fruit water. You could also try your hand at making a white chocolate and passion fruit cheesecake, an exotic and sweet treat you will never forget! Be sure to check our recipes section to find how you can use our passion fruit pulp (maracuya). You might even find how to create your own passion fruit candy!

We are not only offering a great tasting passion fruit pulp, we are also presenting to you a product that is good for your body. You should know that our passion fruit pulp (maracuya) provides your body with a very generous quantity of healthy carbs, organic acids and Vitamin A while, at the same time, being a low calorie food item! All in all, we are happy about our passion fruit pulp being affordable and easy to use, making it a great choice to be a part of your daily meals!

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