Pepper Puree

Interfoods’ fruit pulps can be used as ingredients for the food and beverages industry. They can be mixed with jams, syrups, purees and beverages, or used in bakeries and patisseries, to name a few. We provide affordable ingredients that will make a difference!

Our fruit pulps are of the highest quality and contain no additives, artificial colors or flavors. Only a small percentage of the allowed minimum for preservatives (sodium benzoate) has been added, making them ideal ingredients for all foods and beverages. Quality products require quality ingredients.

Our Habanero Pepper Puree is a great source for Vitamin A and has more than twice the Vitamin C of any citric, great for strengthening your immune system. It is rich in antioxidants, slowing down ageing while lowering the cholesterol level in your blood. It can easily be used as one of the ingredients for a spicy sauce you will never forget!

Interfoods’ Jalapeño Pepper is available in 0.55Lbs.or 1.1 Lbs. packages and it can spice up your life! Since this product has just the smallest amount of preservatives possible, it retains all the benefits a Jalapeño Pepper can bring to your meals as one of the ingredients!

Interfoodsfruit pulps can be made available for the food industry, as ingredients for their products, in 500 Lbs. aseptically sealed barrels. Our most competitive product is Tamarind Pulp (the most popular of our fruit pulps), and we bring to market the best pulp as far as quality is concerned.

We recommend that you visit our recipes section to find many ways to use our fruit pulps as ingredients for refreshing (alcoholic and nonalcoholic) beverages, delicious desserts and several dishes that can surprise your family.

You will find out that our fruit pulps work great as the ingredients for your daily meals!

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