Tamarind juice is a product not commonly used in Mexico because, in Mexico, tamarind water is what everyone likes to drink to quench their thirst during a sunny day, especially during the hot summer. But, in other places such as India and Thailand, and in other countries in the Middle East and beyond, tamarind juice is the tamarind based drink that people like to enjoy. Tamarind juice is very similar to tamarind water, except that the former is thicker than the latter, thus being a different experience.

Tamarind juice contains more pulp but less water in relation to the amounts used for mixing tamarind water, which means that it still has that incredible sweet and sour taste that is unique to tamarind. The process for making tamarind juice is very similar to the one required for preparing tamarind water, but more fruit (and more time overall) is needed in order to obtain a thicker pulp. Once that has been taken care of, the pulp must be rehydrated until you have obtained the consistency you want, and all that is left is for the tamarind juice to be sweetened to taste.

Since tamarind pulp is an integral part of the equation, Interfoods can help consumers enjoy tamarind juice without having to spend hours upon hours creating the pulp that is required to prepare this delicious drink.  If you want to enjoy a fresh glass of tamarind juice, then our tamarind pulp can allow you to bring this delicious beverage to your table.