Tamarind Pulp| Water, Pulp, Juice, Pasta, Fruit, Tamarind Candy

Tamarind pulp is the most popular of all fruit pulps from Interfoods. It is obtained from the fruit of the tamarind tree, a medium sized tree that is more of a bush than a tree. Its green leaves are similar to a fern and look like the leaves of the Jacaranda or the Tabachin. The tamarind fruit itself is contained inside pods that protect it from the environment, naturally preserving its flavor and properties, which makes it perfectly suited to be part of our product family.

It is easy to understand why it is the most popular of our pulps: not only does tamarind pulp have an irresistible flavor (which is why it is great as a dessert), but it also opens up the opportunity to truly taste the tamarind itself, a fruit so delicious and yet so underused worldwide. In Mexico, as well as in many eastern countries such as India, Thailand, the Philippines or Pakistan, among others, tamarind fruit and tamarind paste are part of an age old culinary tradition, and Interfoods is set on bringing this ancient fruit straight to your table.

Therefore, our company allows everyone to enjoy the rich flavor of tamarind without having to process the fruit by themselves, thanks to our tamarind pulp. How long is the process itself? In order to turn tamarind into a proper tamarind pulp, you would first need to peel the tamarind, removing the pod and seeds, in order to boil it in water, to later ground and strain the mix. All in all, this process can take up to half an hour and, for the modern housewife, it is too much time. This is why our tamarind pulp is a great choice, not only because it is convenient, but because of all the nutritional benefits of tamarind.

Thanks to our hard work and in depth innovation and development, tamarind can once again be a part of your meals. Because of its unrivaled sweet taste, it is a great choice for preparing your food. You can make tamarind water (aguas frescas), tamarind juice, cocktails (a tamarind margarita or a tamarind martini are just two examples), tamarind sauce smothered chicken, fish or prawn, or even tamarind candy. You could also use tamarind pulp to cook tamarind sauce smothered shrimp, or even something as exotic as Sukhothai Pad Thai. We always look to innovate, and our tamarind pulp will allow you to do the same at home!

Interfoods’ tamarind pulp is a natural product, made from real fruit. It is an innovative, nutritious and delicious product you can instantly enjoy at home. Interfoods’ tamarind pulp is practical, easy to use, and affordable. You can also use our tamarind pulp as a dessert all by itself, or maybe you can spread it over cookies or a cake. Perhaps you might want to use it to prepare martinis, margaritas and other spirits? You are only limited by your imagination!

At Interfoods, we innovate by developing natural products that make your life easier. Please allow us to help you bring nutritious and delicious products to your table!