The tamarind tree is a medium sized tree that actually resembles a bush. The beautiful green tone leaves are similar to those found on a small fern. When you think about it, the leaves from the tamarind tree look like the leaves of the Jacaranda or the Tabachin trees.

The tamarind tree was originally brought over from Africa, and it quickly adapted to the Mexican weather thanks to the tropical areas and coasts that surround Mexico. The tamarind tree produces one of the best fruits in the world, fruits that have a lot of pulp with an intense and unique taste. In Mexico, the best tamarind trees can be found in Colima and Jalisco, although you can also find similar trees in Guerrero, Michoacan, Veracruz and Chiapas.

Unfortunately, fruit from the tamarind tree can only be harvested once a year, usually during the months of February and March. The tamarind fruit is contained inside peculiar pods that grow from the tamarind tree which help protect the fruit from the environment and other hazards, thus naturally preserving its flavor and properties. These qualities are part of the reason why Interfoods found it to be a perfect match for our product family.

Tamarind has only one deadly predator: corucos. These small parasites (similar to regular mites) make of the tamarind tree their new home, by nesting inside the seed of the tamarind fruit. If not properly controlled, this plague can destroy a whole warehouse packed with tamarind in less than two months.