Tamarind water is perhaps the most well known and sough after fruit water in Mexico. Its exotic, sweet and sour taste makes it one of a kind, and it offers a refreshing option for those looking for a natural beverage. Unfortunately, it is a very complex beverage to prepare because the process from which it is obtained can take a lot of time and effort. In order to turn tamarind into a proper tamarind pulp, you would first need to peel the tamarind, removing the pod and seeds, in order to boil it in water, to later ground and strain the mix. Sounds complicated, right?

It is because of this that restaurants owners and housewives have decided to stop making tamarind water from scratch, resorting to tamarind concentrates, syrups, powdered mixes and extracts, all with a high content of artificial ingredients, thus deteriorating the natural flavor that tamarind water should have. Interfoods has decided to push forward with an innovative product that directly targets this niche. Our tamarind pulp makes preparing tamarind water and easy process, at an affordable price. Your tamarind water will have the special taste that can only be obtained from natural tamarind, with just the right consistency you enjoy.

With Interfoods’ tamarind pulp, you will soon realize how easy it is to prepare your own tamarind water in no time! Thanks to our pulps, your tamarind water will be as natural as it can be, without the hassle of having to make the pulp all by yourself.