Interfoods is searching for alliances and partners to help us distribute our products on a national and international scale. We seek distributors with regional portfolios of clients, sales representatives and brokers, as well as importers and national distributors, for wholesale and retail.

Our current distribution channels for our foods are the following:

a) Retail. Our foods products are available at supermarkets, convenience stores, fruit and vegetable stores, and membership wholesale clubs.

b) Foodservice. Wholesale distribution to restaurants, hotels, bars and ice cream parlors (smoothies, shakes, frozen pops, etc.).

c) Industrial. Wholesale distribution of our fruit pulps to companies that use them as an ingredient in their products (bakery, beverages, and processed foods).

By doing a market analysis, the segments that identify the most with our products are:

a) Hispanic/Latino – They use them mainly for preparing fruit water (aguas frescas) and other beverages, as well as for cooking.

b) Hindu/Oriental (Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Iran and the Mediterranean and Middle East) – They tend to favor our tamarind pulp for preparing several dishes and beverages from their rich cultures.

c) International – We have a range of fruit pulps that are ready to use for mixing world renowned cocktails such as the Tamarind Margarita, the Blackberry Martini or the Guava Colada.

This is the type of distributors we are looking for:

a) Tamarind Pulp– We would like to contract wholesale and retail distributors for the Hindu, Philippine, Malaysian, Thai and Iranian markets. We also want to contact distributors for spices as well as for oriental foods retail stores.

b) Pulps for mixing cocktails – We want to contact distributors for beverages (spirits, cocktails, wines and liqueurs), both for wholesale and retail, as well as wine and liqueur stores.

c) Fruit pulps for preparing fruit water (aguas frescas) - We require wholesale distributors to supply Mexican food restaurants; for wholesale to stores specializing on Mexican products; for wholesale and retail distribution for Mexican Foods stores.