Trading, Distribution, Importing and Exporting of Fruit Pulps and Food

Interfoods | Trading, Distribution, Importing and Exporting of Fruit Pulps and Food

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Interfoods is a division of Space Enterprises, LLC, a US based company, dedicated to the production, processing, development, packaging, trading, importing, exporting, and distribution of food, in particular Fruit Pulps. At Interfoods, we are fully committed to continuously develop innovative products that bring to market natural foods based on real fruits, without additives, artificial colors, flavors, emulsifiers or any other type of artificial make up that could deceive the consumer into buying low quality food or Fruit Pulps.

When we at Interfoods say that our Fruit Pulps are as natural as possible, we mean it. Other Fruit Pulps are heavily processed or have been riddled with chemicals to mask their taste, making them second rate Fruit pulps. Interfoods makes sure that the fruit used is of the highest quality, in order to make the best Fruit Pulps.

At Interfoods, our mission is to provide the consumer with basic foods, minimally processed, with a long shelf life, that allows for an adequate and safe handling of the same, without losing their natural essence. Our fruit pulps and ingredients are classified into 4 groups: natural foods, functional foods, naturally flavored water (aguas frescas) and ingredients, all made out of fruit pulps. We provide a wide range of package sizes for the supermarket and the wholesale market, and our packages range from 0.55 Lbs for the supermarkets, 1.1 Lbs for the price clubs and 55 Lbs for institutional use.  Interfoods uses innovative packages that allow us to provide our clients with easy and practical ways to store, sell, use and preserve our fruit pulps and food products. We also continuously work to develop new products that cover all the basics and values that have shaped Interfoods, always bringing natural and healthy products to market, as well as developing new packaging that allow us to minimize the use of preservatives in our food products, maximizing their shelf life.

As you will soon learn, the Fruit pulps that Interfoods produces are the best in the market. Fruit pulps can make your life easier, and Interfoods is here to help.

Welcome to Interfoods. We hope you enjoy our food and fruit pulps!